Our passion is making people feel great, doing hair is how we get there.

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Of course we love doing hair (and we’re pretty good at it) but we wanted a space where you could unwind, relax, come in for a tea and a chat without the fear of being judged. An inclusive environment without the imposing facade. Stripping back all the pretentiousness and start putting people first. Finding the perfect balance between creativity & productivity.

We operate a strict acceptance policy. This means that whichever walk of life you’re from, you will always leave All About feeling accepted for who you are.

What we promise to NEVER do, is place profits over people. Whether it be our guests or staff. Of course we have a bottom line but seriously, how much money do you need? What we really want is the platform to initiate change within our industry and prove to domineering salons that it is in fact… cool to be kind.

So that’s All About, not all about hair.

  • All About Compassion.

  • All About Caring.

  • All About Community.

  • All About Acceptance.

“You can rest assured that every dollar you invest with us will flow directly back into our community, supporting local businesses, families & friends.

— Wizdom Westlake Founder All About Salon


All About Your Stylist

All About Salon are a vibrant young team devoted to making your visit to All About Salon… All About You! Learn more about each of our talented stylists with information about their interests and experience below.


Wizdom Westlake - Creative Director
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Reece Mckay - Senior Stylist
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